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Petite Eats

Silicone Large Lunchbox

Silicone Large Lunchbox

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Our 5 compartment lunchbox is 100% silicone and designed to be impact resistant, leak-proof and easy to clean. Our lid has been designed to ensure each compartment is sealed individually keeping everything contained. 

Perfect for a school lunchbox with generous compartments to fit in plenty of sustenance.

These lunchboxes are dishwasher safe, please rinse to ensure a deep clean.

We LOVE these lunchboxes so much and have designed to to make sure they are SUPER DURABLE!!! That is why we are putting a TWO YEAR guarantee* on these which includes any breakage from impact related falls. Excludes cuts or breakage from sharp objects. 

We chose to keep our lids separate to the body to make sure it fits into the dishwasher AND we wanted it to be super leak-proof.

The lunchbox lids do require some getting used to for little hands - on our Instagram highlights we go through how to do this. (Our 5yr old managed this independently after we practiced a couple of times together.)

You will need to line the lid up with the body and push around the edges ensuring it is flat for a leak-proof seal. Sometimes it is easier to pull the silicone rim of the lid over the lunchbox.  

Dimensions (cm): 22x16.5x6   

BPA Free | Non-Toxic


  • 100% Silicone
  • Impact resistant
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Leak-Proof Seal (when correctly sealed)
  • Each compartment individually sealed
  • Durable 2 Year Guarantee 

Washing Instructions: Rinse after use and either hand-wash in warm soapy water or put in the dishwasher. Dry thoroughly after each wash. 

Care Instructions: Please wash before first use in warm soapy water. Check condition regularly.  

*Terms and conditions around the guarantee:

- Petite Eats will replace lunchboxes damaged from impact related falls which would cause the lunchbox to be unusable ie not just general wear and tear or misuse

- Petite Eats can only replace the lunchbox if the item is available or still in business

-Photos will be required along with a clear description of how the damaged occurred

-Guarantee does not extend to damage caused by sharp/rough objects/surfaces or misuse. Customers must have been following the care instructions provided 

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